Connections is an international affiliation of professional and serious recreational wargamers. The aims are to share experience and knowledge of wargaming, develop it as a discipline, and foster and improve it as a technique.

Initiated in the USA in 1992, Connections has now spread to the UK and Netherlands as well as Australia.

Connections Oz began in 2014, in part because it is difficult to get to the international events. One of the goals is to build a community here in Australia, to share our experiences and provide a forum so that those who are able to connect with our global colleagues can share what they learn.

In the context of Connections Oz, “wargaming” (or “war gaming”) is a broad term in both style and scope. That is, we are open to different types of wargames (demonstrations, education, training, exercises, experimentation, concept development, mission rehearsal, etc), different media (board games, card games, seminar games, computer supported games etc), and different content including military and non-military topics (business strategy, emergency and disaster relief scenarios, intelligence analysis, operational concepts, diplomacy and peace building etc).

At its core, wargaming is an exploration of the possible and a driver for deeper thinking.


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