The 2016 Conference will be held on 5-6 December at the University of Melbourne in the Steve Howard Theatre, level 5, Doug McDonell building. Map.

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Monday 5 December

1000 Session 1


Introduction to Wargaming and Connections. Todd Mason

Urban Operations Seminar Wargame. Marcus Tregenza, DSTG.

Recent DSOR/ MORS Wargaming Activities. Marcus Tregenza, DSTG.


1130 Morning Tea

1200 Session 2

Challenges and Opportunities with Long Term Focused Wargaming. Christopher Eastman. Lockheed Martin Engineering.

Wargaming for Decision Makers. Jacinta Carroll. Head, Counter Terrorism Policy Centre, Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Introduction to Matrix Games. Todd Mason

1330 Lunch

Some games and literature will be available to peruse.

1430 Session 3

Wargaming for Analysis Workshop part 1. Marcus Tregenza

1600 Afternoon Tea

1630 Session 4

Wargaming for Analysis Workshop part 2. Marcus Tregenza

1800 Close of day

1900 Dinner and games evening

Tuesday 6 December

0900 Session 5

0900 Keynote Address: Colonel Andrew Haebich, Director Joint Experimentation.

0930 Keynote Address: Brigadier (retd) Justin Kelly.

1000 Q&A

1030 Morning Tea

1100 Session 6

The Use of Red Teaming for Analysis. Julia Piotto, DSTG.

Seminar Wargaming Tools for Land Combat Studies. Lance Holden. DSTG.

The Next Wargame? MASA SWORD. Dave Hemming. DSTG.

1230 Lunch

1330 Session 7

Game Design Workshop. Mariana Zafeirakopoulos.

This workshop will take a problem, or scenario, and brainstorm a game concept to address the question.

1500 Afternoon Tea

1530 Session 8

After action review and future planning.

1700 Close