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Other sites related to Wargaming

The Cove Wargaming page. Cove is an Australian online professional development network for the Army.

Paxsims a site about war and political games.

Wargaming Community. A site for resources and news.

History of wargaming project. Publisher of professional and recreational wargaming books and manuals.

Wargame Developments. A long running British group dedicated to new developments in wargame design.

Hamster Press. The home of matrix games.

GMT Games. Makers of board games including the COIN and Next War systems.

Decision Games. Makers of board games.

Strategy & Tactics Press. Publishers of Strategy & Tactics, World at War and Modern War magazines.

Board Game Geek. The place for reviews and news of board games.

Philip Sabin at Kings College London. Information on a course in designing conflict simulations.

LBS Consultancy. A site for professional wargaming resources.