In 2020, PaxSims and many of the Connections groups developed a set of principles for diversity and inclusion. They have named these principles ‘Derby House’ in honour of the women and men in the Western Approaches Tactical Unit (WATU) who wargamed critical operations during World War 2. You are encouraged to read these principles and reflect on them. https://paxsims.wordpress.com/derby-house-principles/

Connections Oz is a loose group of individuals, not an ‘organisation’. As such we have not endorsed the principles as an entity, but have chosen to do so as individuals.

If you feel you would like to endorse these principles, please leave a comment below with any ideas on how we can encourage greater diversity in our activities.

Additionally, I would like to acknowledge the fact that while Connections Oz is not endorsed by the Department of Defence, many of our community are members of Defence and we have been very graciously hosted by the Australian Defence College. Defence has its own ‘Diversity and Inclusion Strategy‘ and takes these goals and initiatives seriously.

One thought on “Diversity”

  1. Rex Brynan invited me to endorse the principles when he was announcing them. At the time, I did not feel it appropriate to endorse them on behalf of anyone else, particularly a fairly nebulous ‘organisation’. I did, however, make the commitment to Rex that I would make a personal response.
    Personally, I DO endorse the principles, but, I am not comfortable doing so without an actual and personal commitment to seek to enact them. As such, as long as I am organising the conference, I WILL ensure that it includes an explicit opportunity to ‘listen to the concerns and suggestions of colleagues’ and include ‘ongoing assessment of progress made’.


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