Connections Oz 2021

Hi all,
Connections Oz is on again in 2021. I have opted for another fully online conference this year as travel and other restrictions are likely to remain in force. Hopefully next year we can return to having a face to face component.

However, I for one have enjoyed the opportunity that online provides to have speakers and participants from all over the world. So, once again this year we will operate on an extended schedule to allow participants from North America to join us in the morning and those from Europe in the evening.

The dates for this year are Tues 14 Dec to Thur 16 Dec. A program will be released soon.

Please consider this a call for presentations. If anyone has a topic they would like to present, please get in touch via

Registration is open. Please use the registration tab above.

And don’t forget, Connections UK is also on 14-15 Sep.

Conference Updates

Connections US is being held online next week (Jun 22). Registration details are on their website

Connections UK have also announced their dates 14-16 Sept. See their website for more details

For those that missed it, the videos from Connections North (Canada) are available via PaxSims

Finally, our own Connections Oz is being planned for December. The exact date is yet to be finalised. We are planning a virtual component and are hoping to also have a face to face element. Stand by for further details.

WordPress Advertising

My apology. I have just been informed that wordpress has been displaying some inappropriate advertisements on our web site. I do not get ads when I view the pages, so I was unaware of this. Thank you to those who took the time to let me know.

I have now paid to upgrade the site from a free plan to a paid plan which should remove the ads. If anyone does still get ads, please take a screen shot and email me so I can take the matter up with WordPress.


Connections Oz Program 2020

The program for this year’s conference is being finalised now. It is a fairly full program with a lot of variety. Please have a look at our outline program. Further details will be added in the next few days.

The conference will be entirely online which gives us lots of opportunity to include speakers from all over the world. We are very pleased to confirm that Matt Caffrey, the originator of Connections, will be delivering a keynote.

Registration is mandatory, so please head over to the registration page.

Connections Oz 2020

Connections Oz will occur in 2020.

We have booked  space at the Australian Defence College (Canberra) for 7-9 December.

However, we are currently operating under physical distancing rules and it seems unlikely this will change. This will limit the number of attendees who can physically attend the conference. We are investigating options to include web based sessions.

This is potentially an opportunity to include a wider variety of attendees, including some from overseas. If you have any proposals for what to include, please get in touch.

In the meantime I would like to draw your attention to ‘Connections Global’ 10-14 August. This is an entirely online conference. See their website for program and registration details. This is a great opportunity to link up with our international colleagues.

Additionally, PaxSims and other groups have developed a set of principles to foster diversity and inclusion These principles are gaining widespread endorsement from wargaming and related groups. I encourage our readers to reflect on these principles and consider how they might enact them so that the Connections Oz community embodies them. We are planning a session at the conference to explore issues of inclusion and diversity and welcome your input. If you would like to comment on this, please use the ‘Diversity’ tab on the top menu bar.