2016 Conference Feedback

The 2016 conference has concluded. While the number of attendees was lower than past years, I believe we can call it a success.

Thanks to all those who presented, attended and participated in the activities with such enthusiasm. Slide decks etc will be available on the Resources page shortly. Please comment on the feedback below.

Looking forward to 2017.

We held a short feedback session and considered the following points:

Good points

Mix of activities and presentations
The venue
Breadth of topics/ guests/ participants
Relaxed atmosphere
Small group size – approximately 20
Exposure to new techniques
Relaxed social evening
Comfortable for novices to attend

Things to improve

Poor marketing
Connect with other industries
Invite game designers – for insights into game design
Game design workshop
Tighter schedule – build in explicit time for Q&A
Increase to 3 days
Consider charging a fee – encourage commitment and allow for some funds for marketing etc
Consider alternate locations – interstate?

2 thoughts on “2016 Conference Feedback”

  1. A fascinating 2 days. so much to think about -and admire how often human beings operate in ‘cylinders of excellence’ while their [often self-created] problems are similar across space and time – and context!
    I learned heaps and am grateful to each of the speakers for their generosity of spirit, and their often challenging contributions to a most worthwhile dialogue.


  2. Really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who organised, presented and participated.

    Now that I reflect back on this year’s program the thing that really stuck out for me was that the real benefits of attending were in the discussions we had. The presentations were great but it was the Q&A that followed from these and the discussions and debate that ensued that provided for meaningful exchanges, an opportunity to challenge points of view, probe assumptions and gain a different perspective. That for me was where the greatest value resided.

    Having said that I also really enjoyed smoting Chris’ tanks and Julie’s carriers. Thanks Marcus for organising the wargames. Getting a lick in with those hopeless Argie ships in the matrix game at the end was nice too – thanks Todd. Great fun. 🙂


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